Our community consists of members who are glad to hear from you. Please contact us using the following information.
Town Council Members, Current term: 7/01/2020-12/31/2023

Mayor - William R Hollaway,  whollaway@cliftonva.gov

Vice Mayor – Regan McDonald, rmcdonald@cliftonva.gov

Stephen Effros- seffros@cliftonva.gov

Pat Pline- ppline@cliftonva.gov

Darrell Poe- dpoe@cliftonva.gov

Lynn Screen- lscreen@cliftonva.gov

Nick Orrison, Town Treasurer, 571-420-8812,  treasurer@cliftonva.gov

Amanda Christman, Town Clerk, clerk@cliftonva.gov

FOIA Officer - Amanda Christman, clerk@cliftonva.gov

Webmaster - Darrell Poe, dpoe@cliftonva.gov 

Planning Commission - Kathy Kalinowski  planning@cliftonva.gov

Architectural Review Board (ARB) - Royce Jarrendt royce.jarr@yahoo.com

Town Meeting Hall Reservations / Manager -- Darrell Poe, cliftonhallrental@gmail.com  

Town Parks Reservationist  - Donna Netschert,